Barnhill Services, LLC provides vast electrical services.  We can help with most any residential electrical challenge you may have.  


Contact us to help you

Fix or Install

 * Outlets

* Switches

* Breakers

 * Inside / Outside lighting fixtures

 * Install new wiring for pier / docks

 * Change out meter bases

* Change out panel boxes

 * Attic fans

* Bath fans

* Ceiling fans

 * Smoke / CO2 Detectors

 * Hot tub installation wiring 

 * GFCI   


If you are looking for reliable you have found it here with Barnhill Services, LLC. We understand the frustration of something not working properly and how important it is to fix in a timely manner. 


We can help advise you

To decide whether is it cost effective to repair or replace.

* Faucets

* Water heaters

* Garbage Disposals

* Shower fixtures

* Toilets 

* Drain lines

* Backflow Testing 

* Irrigation   

* Water leaks 

Heating / Air Conditioning


Having over 25+ years’ experience in the hvac industry we can state that we have worked with every heating and air conditioning brand sold on the east coast. Barnhill Services, LLC will thoroughly diagnosis even the most challenged units out there. 

We offer Repair and Installation

* Split Systems

* Packaged Units

* Mini Split Systems

* Wifi Thermostats

* Indoor Air Quality

* Maintenance Agreements

* Filter Changes